This grouping of « baraques » (from the Catalan « barraca » in the singular »…) is part of an exceptional  ensemble

Which does not pretend to be a representation of the past, but on the contrary to be a living testimony to the know-how of men and women who « invented » Port-Barcarès. This village home to some stationary and temporary exhibitions, enables to host the traditional Catalan celebrations.

Today, the fishing village is testimony of the will to keep its roots and to keep the age-old knowledge of the know-how which continues to live thanks to some people of Barcarès extraction.

Up to the years 1950’s, an important grouping of « baraques » was situated on the East bank of Grau Saint Ange. This communicating lane between the lake and the sea, will enable the fishermen, seasonal at first to settle definitely on our shore.

Port-Barcarès keeps developing more and more and the arrival of the « mata burro », the railway that killed donkeys, will enable this little harbour to become one of the first beach resorts of the coast. The Mission Racine will concretize the development of our resort with a dynamism still relevant today.

Faithful to its roots, our resort takes pride in this site between sea and port.


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